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Ten Days With Photographers

Ten Days With PhotographersTen Days With Photographers

The sixth edition of the annual exhibition ‘10 Days With Photographers’ opened on Dec. 6 at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran. The event is showing photos taken by members of the Cultural Heritage Photography Society of Iran, reported. Abdolkhaleq Taheri, Amirhossein Heidarian, Maryam Kashefi, Ali Mirzaei, Ebrahim Haqiqi, Hasan Qaffari, Siamak Imanpour and Hatef Homaei are among  artists whose works are on display. The program will be holding two sessions of experts on the subject of ‘Iran, the Land of Wind Towers’ on the evening of December 10 and 12. Wind tower or wind catcher (badgir in Persian) is an ancient traditional Persian architectural element that creates natural ventilation in buildings. They still exist and can be found in traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle East, including the Arab states in the Persian Gulf (mostly Bahrain and the UAE), Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In construction and design the impressive towers exhibit a great deal of regional diversity but all perform one function: channeling the prevailing winds trapped in vents above the roofs of buildings down to cool and ventilate rooms below.  Wind catchers are built in many regions of Iran, predominantly in areas with a hot arid climate such as Yazd Province, Nain in Esfahan Province and Bam in Kerman.  Iranian Artists Forum is situated at Artists Park, N. Mousavi St., Taleqani Avenue.


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