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Celebrated pop singer, songwriter, guitarist and composer Mazyar Fallahi, 42, will perform two concerts on December 4 at Milad Tower International Convention Center in north Tehran.

The concert starts at 7 pm and the second at 10:30. He will sing his latest album ‘Wishbone’ released on August 30, according to Mizan Online News Agency (

Wishbone has 12 tracks namely Stress, Divouneh (crazy), Eshq tou Sedam (love in my voice), Qasam (oath), Mamnounam (I’m thankful), Ey Jounam (O dear), Tehroun (Tehran), Delam Tangeh (I’m on the blues), Dast Bezan (clap), Nardoun (pomegranate seed), Havaset be Maneh (pay attention to me) and Wishbone.

Except for two, all the pieces are composed by Fallahi himself. He has arranged them too, in collaboration with composers Amir Jamalfard and Navid Eskandar.

Fallahi has also composed some of the lyrics. Some are based on the poems by Hossein Abdollahi, Ali Sabet Qadam, Nima Imani and Farnaz Abbasi.


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