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Documentaries Screened in Poland

Documentaries Screened  in PolandDocumentaries Screened  in Poland

This year marks 540 years of cultural and diplomatic relations between Iran and Poland. To commemorate the occasion, a one-day film festival featuring documentary movies by Iranian directors was held in Poland recently, in collaboration with the Iran-Poland Cultural Association and the Center for Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Iranian and Islamic culture, history and art were the main themes of the documentary movies featured at the festival, which were screened in three sections in the main auditorium of the oriental studies center, ILNA reported.

In the first section, four documentary movies by Iranian director Mohammad Moghaddam titled ‘Kal-Jenni’, ‘Ney band’, ‘The historical Siraf’, and ‘Varjam’ were screened. The movies featured in the other sections included: ‘Iran, a Cinematographic Revolution’, ‘ Persepolis Recreated’, ‘Fire and Bread’, ‘Timeless Architectures of Iran’, ‘Saz-e-Mokhalef’, ‘Sara Khatoon’, ‘1000 Year-Old Man’, ‘The Night it Rained’, and ‘Go to Isfahan’.

 Boosting Ties

Hamed Kazemzadeh, a PhD Scholar of oriental studies center, and head of the Iran-Poland Cultural Association highlighted the center’s activities “aimed at boosting cultural ties between the two countries, including screening Iranian movies and reviewing films shown in the Polish cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Lublin in the past one year.”

He also referred to the historical ties between the two countries saying: “the first Iranian ambassador was sent to Poland in the seventeenth century in 1602. Iran was among the very few countries that never recognized the partition of Poland in 1795. The process of mutual interaction between the two nations was enhanced with the appearance of more than 100,000 refugees from the Soviet Union during the Second World War who found safe-haven on Iranian soil.”

Earlier, on November 9, Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs had organized a conference in Tehran to commemorate the  540 years of diplomatic ties between Iran and Poland with the collaboration of the Embassy of Poland and Iran’s Historical Diplomatic Documentation Office.