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Chamani Comes With ‘Vague Realtiy’ to Make a Difference

Chamani Comes With ‘Vague Realtiy’ to Make a Difference Chamani Comes With ‘Vague Realtiy’ to Make a Difference

Farmanfarma Gallery in Tehran has put on show an innovative painting by Vahid Chamani among sculptures and works by contemporary artists over three generations.

By displaying the ‘Vague Reality’ the gallery seeks to draw attention toward differences between approaches of artists of different generations to surreal technique.

The exhibit is hosting works by Iran Dorroudi, Alireza Espahbod, Qasem Hajizadeh, Hossein Mahjoubi, Nikzad Nojoumi, Nazar Mousavinia and Elham Fallahi.

What indeed distinguishes Chamani’s work from the others is that when getting closer to the painting, amid the dark and misty colors of an unknown city, viewers notice the movements of a small human figure dangling and struggling to save his/her life, Honaronline wrote.

In the past Chamani concentrated on deformed figures and portraits. On the reasons why he has had a change of heart and shifted to painting unknown urban environments, he says, “I always valued the study of my surroundings and the feelings that the environment and its creatures passed on to me. With my deformed portraits, I wanted to express the inner feelings of the characters, not their outwardly appearance. In the new works I follow the same approach…in that viewers can see the feelings and atmosphere that is cast upon the city.”

In his painting at the Farmanfarma Gallery, the moving figure is a small statue hung behind the canvas which appears like a shadow in the painting. Moved by a small electric motor, the figure slowly struggles to wriggle free. By doing so, the rope touches a blade also installed behind the canvas, which will eventually cut the rope.

As the artist said, the painting shows an inhabited and polluted city with the only living creature being the dangling person who is struggling to live. “This is what we see a lot around us these days,” he noted.

Due to the technical work involved, it took the artist seven months to wrap up the project.

Born in Tehran, Chamani, 33, has held many solo and group exhibitions in and outside Iran and was among the winners at many events, including the Magic of Persia Art Prize of London in 2009.

The show will be open until December 1 at the gallery located at 2nd East A’rabi St., N. Kheradmand St., Karimkhan Ave.

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