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Unseen Paintings of Celebrated Iranian Actor Hamid Jebelli

Unseen Paintings of Celebrated Iranian Actor Hamid JebelliUnseen Paintings of Celebrated Iranian Actor Hamid Jebelli

Celebrated film actor, director, screenwriter and voice actor Hamid Jebelli, 59, will show his paintings to the public for the first time.

Jebelli’s solo exhibition ‘Sweet Nightmares’  is to open November 24 at Atbin Art Gallery in Tehran. The event will run through December 12 and visiting hours are from 4 to 9 pm.

“Jebelli has been involved in drawing, painting and sculpture for several years,” curator of the exhibit Kiyan Vatan told Honaronline. “However, he had never  put his works on display.”

Vatan, 41, is himself a prolific painter and sketch artist and a friend of the popular actor. He urged Jebelli for years to show his works to the public. After the pushing and prodding  Jebelli consented.

About 40 paintings will be displayed. “They are selected from among hundreds of his works. He has an innovative mind and is always creating something. His creations are diverse and don’t get along in a fixed and defined path. For the exhibition we selected works that are interrelated in some form,” Vatan said.

Most of the paintings were created in the past two years. “Jebelli has not chosen a specific subject; his works are spontaneous. I’m happy that my insistence led to this event. Now people can see the paintings which only I had seen. Our generation has fond memories about Jabelli’s image and voice. Now they will see his another side.”

Atbin Gallery is located at No. 42, Khakzad Alley, Vali-e-Asr Avenue, south of Parkway intersection.

“If this event is well received, Jebelli’s next exhibit will bring out his sculptures,” Vatan has been quoted as saying.

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