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About Orson Welles

About Orson WellesAbout Orson Welles

‘Orson Welles Speaking’ is the title of a documentary made by Nima Qolizadegan that will have one screening at Iranian Artists Forum on December 2.

As the title suggests, the film is about Orson Welles, American actor, director, writer and producer. The documentary shows how the genius was discovered and rose to stardom.

“Whoever seeks great success in any field of art, particularly cinema, needs to know about Orson Welles and those like him,” the director says about his work, reported.

Welles (1915-1985) is remembered for his innovative work in different mediums: in theater, most notably for Caesar (1937), a Broadway adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar; in radio for directing and narrating a 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel ‘The War of the Worlds’; and in cinema, for ‘Citizen Kane’ (1941), which is consistently ranked as one of the greatest films ever made.


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