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Arabic Classes at Persian Center in Oman

Arabic Classes at Persian Center in OmanArabic Classes at Persian Center in Oman

The Persian Language Center in Muscat has started offering Arabic language courses.

Nasr Hemadi, cultural attaché of the Embassy of Iran in the Sultanate said the Iranian community in Oman had been urging for the facility, and in response a decision was taken to hold Arabic classes to help them better communicate with Arabic-speaking people. However, Hemadi said registration for the classes is not restricted to Iranians and people of all nationalities can sign up.

Arabic language learners at the center will have a chance to not only improve their conversational skills but also to familiarize themselves with the Omani culture and traditions, he told the Times of Oman.

Two sessions are held per week and each term lasts for three months. The courses will be taught by a distinguished Iranian professor who has lived in Arab countries for many years and has great experience in teaching Arabic, Hemadi pointed out.

He also said that Iran will warmly welcome any decision by the Omani government to open a center for teaching Arabic in Iran and has suggested that the two countries open cultural centers in each other’s capitals, given their close and deep-rooted relationship. The Persian Language Center is located on the Al Inshirah Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos.

Registration is open from 4pm to 8pm every day except holidays, and should be done in person so that the applicants “can fill out the necessary forms and be provided with the necessary materials.”


Further, Hemadi also said that there “will be an unlimited number of scholarships available to Omani students” wishing to further their education in Iran. In recent years Iran has made significant strides in the field of science and technology, and has one of the highest research outputs in the world.

“Iran views every foreign student as a cultural ambassador for Iran’s culture, heritage and traditions,” he said.

The close relations and historical similarities between Oman and Iran can further boost their international cooperation in education, he noted.

As the language of instruction is Persian, all students will first have to undergo an intensive six to nine months Persian language course at Qazvin International University.

Scholarships are available in all majors from undergraduate courses up to PhD for eligible candidates, he added.