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What Has Become of Humankind!

 What Has Become of Humankind!  What Has Become of Humankind!

Painter Mahsa Latifi, 30, is presenting her critical views of contemporary humankind at Atashzad Art Gallery in Tehran. Under the banner of ‘Ignorance’ the exhibit is the artist’s attempt to portray modern human beings struggling with their contradictory rationalism. In her works Latifi is sharing her take on the identity crisis troubling humans today, according to Iranfa ( a local news website on cultural events. She believes humans are way behind their humanitarian ideals. She has painted humans busy destroying themselves, their environment and everything they touch, “using the very mind that could save them.” In her opinion, violence and cruelty is the result of a diminishing rationality. Her paintings reflect pessimism on the deteriorating conditions of humankind. With her Ignorance Latifi also poses a question: “Are people happy with what has become of humanity?” As written in a note on the event, the paintings are about “humanity plunged into darkness, pains and wounds, and trapped by illusions of happiness. Even a glance at this illusory happiness is disturbing.” The gallery is located at No. 23, North Tavanir Street, on the corner of Houman Alley. Visiting hours are 4 to 8 pm. The gallery is closed on Saturdays.


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