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Gilan Eco-Lodge

Gilan Eco-LodgeGilan Eco-Lodge

A tour around Gilan Province is planned for November 9-10 by Zhiwar Travel Agency.

Starting at 5 am, the tour straddles the Tehran-Qazvin Highway before turning north to Rasht. Breakfast is served before arriving in Qazvin and on the way to Rasht the group will visit Gilan Rural Heritage Museum.

Around Thursday noon, the group should be in Gileboom Eco-Lodge, a well-known center of accommodation near the city of Chaboksar. Lunch will be a local cuisine to be followed by visits to workshops of local crafts. Dinner will be served in Gileboom.

On the second day, November 10, a nature walk is planned in Chaleh-Sara Forest in Shanderman rural district. The group will also visit the tourist hub Ramsar and its museum palace. Details are available at


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