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Desert Experience

Desert ExperienceDesert Experience

In two and half days enthusiasts can have a memorable desert experience in Isfahan Province. The program is organized by Spilet Alborz, a Tehran-based company specializing in eco tours.

On Wednesday midnight, a VIP bus picks up visitors and the following morning arrives in Qehi, an ancient village 80 km before the city of Isfahan. After breakfast in the village, sightseeing begins including visits to Qourtan Fort, the ancient town of Varzaneh, the pigeon tower of Varzaneh, a handicraft bazaar and stone mill among other attractions.

On the sands of Varzaneh Desert, a barefoot walk is planned during  sunset. A local house in Varzaneh will accommodate visitors for the night and the following day.

November 10 is the last day of the tour. The first part of the day is to be spent in the salt marsh of Gavkhouni, east of Isfahan. The group will be to Tehran after lunch. More information is available at


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