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22nd Century Rostam

22nd Century Rostam  22nd Century Rostam

The book ‘Rostam in the 22nd Century’, the first sci-fi Persian novel, written by Abdolhosein Sana’atizadeh Kermani has been republished.

First printed 83 years ago in the Persian-language newspaper ‘Shafagh-e-Sorkh’, it has been re-edited by Mahdi Ganjavi and Merhraz Mansouri to smoothen the language for a modern audience, Honaronline reported.

In the book, Rostam, the greatest of Iranian mythical heroes, the main character in epic poem of Shahnama (Book of Kings) by prominent Persian poet Ferdowsi (940-1020), is in the 22nd century. The book focuses on showing the advance of human society.

Nafir Publication has published the 160-page novel.   

Sana’atizadeh, born in Kerman in 1895, is mostly known for his novel ‘Assembly of Maniacs’ (1924). ‘Mani, The Painter’, ‘The Warrior’ and ‘Time That Passed’ are some of his other works. He died in 1973 in Paris.

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