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Portray of Strange Creatures

Featured works at Aaran Art GalleryFeatured works at Aaran Art Gallery

A collection of deformed and bloated faces and heads belonging to a strange race of creatures are the subjects of an upcoming painting exhibit by painter, graphic designer, photographer and animator Nasim Davari, 36.

Aaran Art Gallery in Tehran will host the exhibit ‘Head,’ from Friday, in which the denizens of a strange land are portrayed, some posing before the artist and some busy working, singing or shouting. It is hard to know their genders, if they have any.  

Davari always defies aesthetic convention. She pursues her interests in hybrid forms and elicits a sense of wonder in her mysterious creations, says a review by Tandis online magazine of visual art (

Some of the works are painted on trays and depict some creatures, a combination of humans, animals and alien creatures. Davari’s works are a mythical fantasia in an unconscious world, an extraordinary plenitude of vivid, disorienting details.

At first, it is hard to comprehend her works, but once the first shock waves are absorbed, visitors find an interpretation. Then the bizarreness no longer appears all that unusual. Each painting is an independent work but they are similar when it comes to color and composition.

Opening ceremony is from 4 to 8 pm. On the following days, visiting hours are from 1 to 7 pm. ‘Head’ will remain at Aaran Art Gallery until November 20. Saturdays are off.

The venue is located at No. 1, Day Alley, North Kheradmand Street, Karim Khan Avenue.

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