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Tate Modern to Show Kaveh Golestan’s Photos

Tate Modern to Show Kaveh Golestan’s PhotosTate Modern to Show Kaveh Golestan’s Photos

A collection of photo paintings by Kaveh Golestan, Iranian photojournalist, is on display at Tate Modern Museum of London.

The museum will show 20 vintage prints of Golestan’s photos, shot between the years 1975-1977, portraying the darker side of society, Honaronline reported.

Born in Tehran, 1950, Kaveh Golestan, is the son of filmmaker and writer Ebrahim Golestan.

Kaveh was a pioneer of documentary photography. His photographic practice has hugely influenced the work of future generations of Iranian artists.

He has documented major historical events, including the conflict in Northern Ireland, the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war and the Persian Gulf Wars (1990-1991).

His life was cut short in 2003 when he stepped on a landmine in Iraq.

The photos are to remain on display at the venue for about a year.


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