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Kurdistan Eco-Tour

Kurdistan Eco-Tour  Kurdistan Eco-Tour

An eco-tour to Sanandaj and Kamyaran counties, Kurdistan Province, is planned by Zhiwar Tour for November 1-3.

The tour begins at night and will arrive in the city of Sanandaj early in the morning of November 2. The journey continues toward Kamyaran County through a charming roadway until it ends in the village of Dulab.

In the village visitors will be accommodated at an eco-lodge. Programs are on the itinerary for entertainment including a walk around the village, an eco-tour and meals in the nature, as well as visits to a water mill and daf producing workshop.

A VIP bus picks up visitors at the Western Bus Terminal at 10:15 pm on November 1. The return trip on November 3 starts at 4:30 pm from Sanandaj. More info is available at

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