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Painter to Open Café Gallery in Semnan

Painter to Open Café Gallery in SemnanPainter to Open Café Gallery in Semnan

Acclaimed master of contemporary painting, Seyyed Asadollah Shariatpanahi, 79, inaugurates today a café gallery in his hometown Semnan, capital of Semnan Province.

Last month, Shariatpanahi said in an interview with Semnan-based weekly Bayan-e Mardom, “We want to set up a gallery near where people come to have tea or coffee. Thus, whether want it or not, they would see some paintings there”.

Named d’Angers Art Gallery, it is located on Qaem Blvd. at a corner of Mirhaj Street. It is planned to be inaugurated on Oct. 26 at 6 p.m.

The master’s own paintings and sculptures will be on display at the inauguration and remain there until Nov. 16.

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