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Golestan Palace

Golestan PalaceGolestan Palace

Each week the travel agency Arand Tour organizes a one-day tour to selected historical sites in downtown Tehran.

Its next tour is slated for October 24, starting at 9 am from 15-Khordad Metro Station at the intersection of Khayyam and 15-Khordad streets.

The station is situated a few meters south of the famed Golestan Palace, a UNESCO world heritage center, and the only remnant of Tehran’s historical citadel - a collection of erstwhile royal buildings that were once enclosed within large thatched walls.

The citadel was built during the rule of Shah Tahmasb I of the Safavid Dynasty (1501-1722). It was rebuilt in the time of Karim Khan (1705-1779), the founder of the Zand Dynasty and was later turned into a palace and royal court for Qajar rulers.

Visitors will be taken for a walk around the palace, a walk that will take a handsome part of the day. The Jewelry Museum, Moqaddam House, Meydan-Mashq and the main gate of National Garden are also on the itinerary, according to


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