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Behind Bends

Behind BendsBehind Bends

Behind the last bends of Chalus Road (Road 59), there is a lush forest in Mazandaran Province known as Sarpoush-Tangeh.

In a one-day tour on October 20, Spilet Alborz travel company will take visitors to this forest to show them the dense flora, a waterfall and lush cliffs spreading over the skyline.

The tour starts at 5 am from Argentina Square in Tehran, negotiates the meanders of the road for four hours before arriving in the forest area.

A light trekking is planned in the forest. A side program is considered for those with more favorable physical conditions, in which they will get through the waterfall, walk in the river and pass through a valley worth the effort.

The tour will return to Tehran at 10 pm. More info is available at the website of the organizer,


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