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Yanni’s Concert Likely in Late Winter

Yanni’s Concert Likely in Late WinterYanni’s Concert Likely in Late Winter

Preparations for holding Yanni, the well-known musician’s concert in Iran are underway, but not in January or February for sure due to the time required for granting official permission to host the event, said his concert organizer in Iran Ali Cheraghali.

Noting that “we are in contact with Yanni’s manager almost every day,” Cheraghali pointed out, “we are determined to carry on according to our plan, which is to hold the concert at the 12,000-capacity Azadi Hall in Tehran.” However, he underlined that exact day and time depends on the issuance of the official permit.

He said he has even booked the indoor sports arena in the Azadi Sport Complex and is doing all he can to make it happen. “It seems that the concerned officials have tacitly given the green light to the staging of this well-known composer’s concert,” MNA reported.

Pirooz Arjmand, director-general of Music Office at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had recently announced that “Yanni would surely perform in Iran in near future.”

 Live Performances

Two months ago, Kitaro, another world-renowned composer/musician, performed on stage in Tehran for the first time, for which Cheraghali was the organizer as well. The warm welcome Iranian audience gave to the Japanese maestro showed that Iran can be a suitable platform for world musicians to hold live performances before their fans.

It has also been said that other prominent figures such as the French musician/composer Jean Michel Jarre, the Russian pianist Arcadi Volodos, and the Greek composer/musician Vangelis are on the agenda to be invited to Iran.

Yiannis Chryssomallis (born in 1954), known professionally as Yanni, is a Greek pianist, keyboardist, composer, and music producer who has spent his adult life in the United States. Yanni is known throughout the world as one of this century’s most original and successful composers and musicians. His powerful compositions have come to define a new genre of music and over 500 million people in over 140 countries have seen his live performances.