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Four New Books by Esmail Azar

Four New Books by Esmail AzarFour New Books by Esmail Azar

Professor of Persian literature Esmail Azar announced the publication of 4 of his latest research works on literature as books.

‘Attar’s Elahi-Nameh through Greimas’s Semiotics-Semantics’ has obtained the permit to publish by Sokhan Publication, and will be out soon, Honaronline quoted Azar as saying.

Azar said the 400 pages book “is one of the most complex and prominent theories in semiotics.” The research intends to prove that Attar’s ‘Elahi-Nameh’ can be read and studied under that theory.

“My other book on post-colonial modern ideas is ready to be published as well. It covers the countries which used to be colonies but now are independent. I have analyzed ideas of some key faces of post-colonialism such as Edward Said, Aime Cesaire, and Albert Memmi in detail. It also closely studies the famous work of Jalal Al-e Ahmad, ‘Occidentosis: A Plague from the West’,” he said of his other work.

Al-e-Ahmad is perhaps most famous for coining the term Gharbzadegi - variously translated in English as western-struck, westoxification and occidentosis - in a book by the same name ‘Occidentosis: A Plague from the West’, clandestinely published in Iran in 1962.

Azar said the book will be published by Iran University Press within a month.

  Other Works

He has completed another work editing and authenticating Divan of Shams-e Maghrebi. Azar explained that for this he had to compare 17 different versions of the divan including its manuscript and contains 200 pages elaborating on the poet’s work.

‘Shamse Maghrebi’s Divan’ is to be published by Miras-e Maktoob (The Written Heritage) Publications.

His fourth book titled “Names and Naming during History” was ready to be printed 2 years ago; it will finally be published by the National Organization for Civil Registration this year.

Esmail Azar, born in 1944 is a university professor of Persian literature and the dean of Persian language and literature at Islamic Azad University, science and research branch and also the CEO of Farhnagban art and culture center. He is a TV host for a poetry reading game show (similar to crambo in Britain).

‘Impact of Hafez on Western Literature’, ‘Sa’diology’ (knowing Sa’di), and ‘Literary Masterpieces of the World’ are among his most known works.