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Echos From Past

Echos From PastEchos From Past

A print exhibition titled ‘Echo From the Past’ by the Australian artist Ian Chamberlain is underway at A Art Gallery in Tehran, located at Azody St., Karim Khan Ave. Chamberlain’s work takes its influence from man-made structures. Reinterpreting them as monuments placed within the landscape, the objects in turn become landmarks of their time. The etchings serve as a visual historical document and record, Honaronline reported.

Devoid of human presence, architectural scale becomes ambiguous in his images. Using the traditional print process of etching, Chamberlain seeks to  represent and interpret the form and function of the objects.

The etching process has not significantly altered for over 500 years which adds to his interest in recording new technology with a traditional process.

Chamberlain is a printmaker passionate about and specialized in etching for several years. He has exhibited extensively within the UK. “My work takes reference from an on-going interest in manmade technological forms of industrial structures such as bridges, the scientific radio telescopes at Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station or ex-military structures such as the acoustic sound mirrors in the UK,” he wrote in his website.


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