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Pacino, De Niro Reunite in Scorsese’s New Movie

De Niro (R), Pacino (C) and Scorsese on the set of ‘The Irishman’ De Niro (R), Pacino (C) and Scorsese on the set of ‘The Irishman’

Mob movie legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro reunite for a new gangster film.

They were snapped shooting scenes on location in New York for ‘The Irishman’, directed by Martin Scorsese,, reported.

Pacino, 77, and De Niro, 74, appeared 43 years ago in ‘The Godfather Part II’ - though they never appeared in a scene together - and were last paired in 2008’s ‘Righteous Kill’. Their most memorable - and first - scenes shot together were for Michael Mann’s crime epic ‘Heat’.

Scorsese’s long-awaited new project also teams the legendary pair up with fellow mob film stars Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Harvey Keitel.

‘The Irishman’ will see De Niro play a hit man who has had roles in major deaths including JFK and Jimmy Hoffa.

While fans  have speculated that the net movie will resemble other classic gangster films,Scorsese says: “This is different. It’s certainly more about looking back, a retrospective, so to speak, of a man’s life and the choices that he’s had to make.”

Scorsese, 74, said one major issue will be making De Niro look as young as 30 years old in some scenes.

The movie will be Scorsese’s ninth collaboration with De Niro. However, it is the first time Pacino has worked with Scorsese - and some people are really excited about the collaboration.

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