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Khaseb Taking ‘Gift’ and ‘Mud’ to Europe

Khaseb Taking ‘Gift’ and ‘Mud’ to Europe Khaseb Taking ‘Gift’ and ‘Mud’ to Europe

Performance artist Yaser Khaseb, 36, leader of ‘Crazy Body’ theater group, started a tour October 10 to stage two of his solo performances ‘Mysterious Gift’ and ‘Mud’ in three European countries. The two shows have already had a number of international appearances. This time they will be presented in Lithuania, Cyprus and Italy, Mehr News Agency reported. Khaseb says he will hold a performance workshop in Italy. ‘Mysterious Gift’ is a 30-minute blend of choreography, puppetry and mime. Khaseb created the show in 2006 and has staged it in Iran, Europe and the US several times. “I think I should perform the work until the end of my life,” he said in an earlier interview. “The show has great potential for rebirth. Its dynamic energy keeps running inside me. For me the work serves as a retreat for solitude in which I recapitulate my life,” Khaseb added. His  ‘Mud’ is based on the timeless story of a creature that rebels against its maker. It contains a satirical symbolism that is Khaseb’s trademark.

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