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New Book Releases

New Book Releases New Book Releases

‘’A Moment Without Oneself, With Oneself’’ was on top of this week’s new releases in books. The book is penned by the renowned Persian language scholar Dr. Jalaloddin Kazazi and published by Moein publication. Kazazi writes in the preface to his book ‘’this might be the most awe-inspiring, most intriguing and most challenging book I have ever written.’’ He further describes in his prologue with carefully chosen pure and unalloyed Persian words the events that led to the authoring of this latest book of his: the challenge and intrigue and amazement found in this volume have to do with the backdrop of the book; a backdrop “misted in enigma and obscurity.’’

 He unveils a bit of that mystery by ascribing the theme of the book to the ‘’hidden world’’ or more aptly put ‘’the hidden in the world and what befalls man in accordance with this concealment and the world.’’  

‘Transcending to godliness’, ‘the sleeping dead’ ‘the living awake,’ ‘Zarvan’ - ancient Iranian deity of the time -  ‘being absorbed in oneself,’ ‘novelty and art,’, ‘the artist and the dervish,’ ‘Rumi and the silver chain’ and ‘bewilderment’ are some other themes which are explored in this unique mystical work by the top literary scholar.

The first book of the monographic series dubbed ‘Iranian musicians’ has been released with the first volume devoted to the famed Iranian composer and violin virtuoso Parviz Yahaghi. The volume features topics like the late maestro’s biography, his collaborations with other musicians and the events that led him to meet his wife Parvaneh Amirafshari. Some notes penned by Yahaghi himself and his portrayal by other musicians and artists and a selection of lyrics and poems are also explored in the book, reports Iran newspaper.

The book has been compiled by Mehran Habibinejad and released by Eshare publishing house.

 Second Reprint

‘In the Capital of Oblivion’ which had its second reprint recently, is authored by the poet and filmmaker Mohammad Hossein Jafarian. The book is an account of the author’s travels to Afghanistan, epitomized on the cover of the book as ‘’a footnote to a joint trip with film director Behrouz Afkhami to Kabul and Panjshir.’’ The travelogue is an account of one of Jafarian’s several journeys to the neighboring country and contains some valuable and interesting information about the war-torn country.  The narrative centers on the journey on the first assassination anniversary of Afghan military and political leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.

‘’A new look at Persepolis’’ is a monograph by Khoobchehre Keshavarzi which is an attempt to offer a new interpretation of the architecture and designs of the ancient historical site of Persepolis. The author in the preface says ‘’the ancient Iranians’ art and philosophy have been theorized mostly by western orientalists and thus their opinions cannot be accepted at face value.’’ Keshavarzi on the other hand endeavors to decipher the mystery of the architecture and stone structures of the monuments in the light of the sacred Zoroastrian texts of Avesta and other ancient rituals and practices. The writer specifically focuses on Tachara Palace –exclusive place of Darius I – and Tripylon or three-gated hall which Keshavarzi believes was built with a specific semiotics in the minds of the designers.