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Brazilian Film Week in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan

Brazilian and Iranian directors Roberto Berliner and Shahram Mokri will hold workshops on filmmaking in Brazil and joint production during the week
 Poster of the event
 Poster of the event

Art and Experience Cinematic Group in collaboration with the Brazil Embassy will show seven Brazilian short films, documentaries, and narrative feature films for a week in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.

According to the website of Art and Experience Cinema ( the  Brazilian Film Week will be inaugurated on October 7 in the presence of the Brazilian ambassador, Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, and acclaimed Brazilian director, Roberto Berliner at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) and run through October 13.

Berliner, together with Iranian director Shahram Mokri, will also hold workshops on filmmaking in Brazil and joint production during the week in all three cities.

The 2015 docudrama, ‘Nisa: The Heart of Madness’ directed by Berliner, is one of the films to go on  screen at Naseri Hall of Iranian Artists House in Tehran, Sareh Cinema of Isfahan, and Golestan Cinema in Shiraz.

It is a film that tells the story of Dr. Nise da Silveira, a Brazilian psychiatrist who refused to treat schizophrenic patients with electroshock and lobotomy methods and was a pioneer in using art and love as an alternative treatment.

In 2015, the film won Audience Award for Best Film as well as Grand Prix for Best Actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Another film of the week is the fiction ‘Southwest’ by Eduardo Nunes about a Brazilian coastal village in which a newborn girl named Clarice lives her entire life in 24 hours.

‘Between Valleys’ by Philippe Barciniski is another fiction movie about an economist, named Vicenete, who lives a calm life with his wife Mariana and  son Caio, until one loss after another leads him to an erratic personal journey.

In the fiction ‘Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures’ by Marcelo Gomes, a lonely German man travels through the arid northeastern Brazil in his truck, selling aspirins in small villages, until World War II comes between him and his journey.

The week will also show an animation ‘The Boy and the World’ by Ale Abreu. It narrates the story of a little rural boy whose life is shattered when his father leaves for the city, prompting him to embark on a quest to reunite his family.

Five filmmakers including Camilo Cavalcanto, Gustavo Spolidoro, Ana Rieper, Eduardo Goldenstein, and Eduardo Nunes with completely different styles have gone on an emotional journey through the waters and stories of the communities that live in different provinces along the San Francisco River in Brazil to make the documentary ‘5x Chico: the San Fransisco River and His People’ to be shown during the event.

The movie ‘5x Favela: Now by ourselves’ refers to the original movie ‘5x Favela’, filmed in 1961 by middle-class Brazillian filmmakers to show life in the Brazilian slums (fevelas). Now half a decade after the original movie, this film is directed by five directors who were inhabitants of the Brazilian slums.

Art and Experience Cinematic Group, affiliated to the Iran Cinema Organization, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has created a platform (in a limited number of cinemas) to show movies selected from non-commercial ones and demonstrate the brilliance of their creators in the cinema community.

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