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Environment in Curriculum

Environment in Curriculum
Environment in Curriculum

Environmental issues have finally come to the attention of Iranian school children, albeit not by choice but compulsion.

The Ministry of Education’s Organization for Educational Research and Planning has released a book on ‘Human and Environment’ (in Persian: Ensan va Mohit-Zist) and included it into the curriculum of all 11th grade students.

Kiumars Kalantari, director general of Department of Environment’s Tehran office is a co- author of the book, Tasnim News Agency reported.

‘Human and Environment’ includes seven lessons namely ‘Water, Source of Life’, ‘Soil as Basis of Life’, ‘Air as Breath of Life’, ‘Energy, Motion, Life’, ‘Waste as an Environmental Tragedy’, ‘Biodiversity as a Beauty of Creation’ and ‘Environment as Basis of Responsible Tourism’.

In Iran students study for 12 years before entering university. The twelve years are divided into two categories, primary and secondary, each of which is further bisected into two 3-year periods, with the second three-year period of secondary school replacing high school. Students decide their high school major when they want to begin tenth grade.


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