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National Museum to Be Restored

Museum director: Around three million ancient items are stored in the National Museum but only 400,000 are exhibited, so the invaluable collection is in dire need of a bigger area
National Museum of Iran in TehranNational Museum of Iran in Tehran

The National Museum of Iran is to be restored based on a past plan proposed by its French designer, Andre Godard.

According to Jebreil Nokandeh, director of the museum, restoration work is scheduled to begin before the Iranian calendar is out in March 2018 in cooperation with Italian architects.

“Godard’s proposal has been accepted by experts taking into account feedback from domestic and foreign visitors over the years,” IRNA reported him as saying.

The subject of restoring Iran’s first museum was brought up often over the past four decades but was endorsed this year that marks the 80th anniversary of its construction.

This is while at the time of construction in the 1930s, Godard had predicted that the museum will meet the country’s needs only for 10 years due to the high number of excavations and items discovered at historical sites.

“Around three million ancient items are stored in the National Museum but only 400,000 are exhibited [due to lack of space],” Nokandeh said, adding that the invaluable collection is in dire need of a bigger area.

Merging of the adjoining Parade Square (aka National Garden) and building No. 3 of the Foreign Ministry (former Shahrbani Palace) has been often discussed in meetings with relevant authorities but so far to no avail.

Nokandeh expressed the hope that with government support the two areas will join the National Museum during the Sixth Five-year Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan (2016-21).   

  80th Anniversary

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the National Museum and the Malek National Museum and Library and plans have been devised to celebrate the occasion.

Some 103 items from Armenia will be on show at the National Museum in mid-October and a collection of Korean antiquities will be exhibited in November.

Besides, more than 60 artifacts from the Louvre are to be put on display during February and March 2018.

A show of items excavated in Semnan and Gilan provinces as well as a program in Chabahar in cooperation with Malek Museum and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) are among other events.  

Moreover, to celebrate the 80th anniversary, the two museums will offer coupons for unlimited free visits for six months to people of 8 and 80 years of age (only). Tickets are available on the museums’ websites.

Malek Museum has also envisioned programs for the occasion including the display of 80 precious art works, documents and books.

The National Museum of Iran was designed by French architect André Godard in the early 20th century. Its construction began in 1935 and was officially inaugurated in 1937.

Malek National Museum and Library was also officially launched in 1937 after Haj Hossein Aqa Malek donated his invaluable library and museum to Astan-e Qods  Razavi, the biggest religious, cultural and economic institution in Iran.

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