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Reality Meets Virtuality in Photos

Reality Meets Virtuality  in PhotosReality Meets Virtuality  in Photos

Photographer Shafaq Kalhor has combined her past life with the recent online activities of her family for an exhibition that opened September 22 in Tehran. Titled ‘Dear Family,’ the exhibit contains 12 photos taken with the technique of double exposure. “Each photo contains an image in the background and screenshots of online family conversations in the foreground,” Kalhor told Honaronline. “The photos in the background show life in a home where our entire family lived together and grew up. We left the house after our parents divorced and never returned. Then my sisters moved overseas,” Kalhor said. “I was thinking that we lost a real place where we had lived together. The place still lingers in our minds as a background. Likewise, it occupies the background of my photos,” She added. Kalhor’s family tried to reconstruct their lost home in the form of a virtual group in the Telegram messaging network with their occasional posts, dialogues, emoticons and stickers. “I took screenshots from this reconstructed space and overlaid them on the pictures of our old home.”  In ‘Dear Family,’ Kalhor seeks to show a physical dispersion and a virtual congregation. “I’m not evaluating anything and leave the judgment to the audience.”  The show will run through October 5 at Café Ax Gallery under Eskan Tower at Valiasr-Mirdamad intersection.


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