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Barseqian’s 8th Element

Barseqian’s 8th ElementBarseqian’s 8th Element

Veteran contemporary Iranian-Armenian painter Seroj Barseqian is showing d ‘The Eighth Element,’ his latest painting, at an exhibit at Atbin Art Gallery.

The exhibition opened September 22 and will run through October 3. Visiting hours are from 4 to 9 pm, according to Gallery Info (

Barseqian, 64, is a prolific painter and photographer. On certain occasions he curates exhibits in cooperation with acclaimed artists. His painting style is influenced by modern theories in perspective and projective geometry.

He never stops exploring the wide areas of art. He is now reportedly conducting research on Italian Renaissance paintings. His current exhibit, however, has an experimental nature with characteristics of graphic art.

Atbin gallery is located at No. 42, Khakzad Alley, Valiasr Avenue, south of Parkway intersection.


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