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The 2nd Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Packaging Designers is slated for October 6-17 at Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

It will seek to remind business owners of the potential and capabilities of young designers. Foreign guests, including graphic designers and brand design studios will attend, according to Roozrang online magazine of visual art (

Iran’s packaging industry has undergone major developments in recent years. It now has access to better technology for protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use.

For almost three decades the domestic packaging industry was under criticism for poor quality and unattractive design, especially compared to other countries in the region. The situation was such that even the highly expensive and high quality saffron was exported in bulk and the imported countries ‘repackaged’ it into five and ten gram attractive packets for export to western countries.

IAF hosted the first Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Packaging Designers in October 2015. The venue is located on the southern flank of Artists Park in near Iranshahr Street.


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