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Portray of Azoic Human

A view of the exhibitA view of the exhibit

In an exhibit underway at Jaleh Gallery in Tehran, two young painters are showing their works as a criticism on contemporary lifestyle.

‘The Azoic’ is a joint event by Elham Sabaghpour and Hamid Zare. It is their first public appearance where each has dealt with inner preoccupations in a way the public can comprehend.

Zare is offering four paintings. Three works, each in two canvases, are by Sabaghpur. The exhibit opened September 14 and will run through September 26. Visiting hours are 4 to 9 pm.

As the title of the exhibit may suggest, the featured paintings are devoid of life or organic remains. In Zare’s works, the human is portrayed in a very unrealistic manner while ancient and mythical symbols have decorative functions. Shiny colors are used to represent the luxuries the contemporary human has become used to.

Sabaghpour’s enigmatic works include a woman on one canvas and a dog on the other. Each pair is linked with an embossed run of flowing blood.

“Human is our subject. We both criticize modern human. We found out that our works are somehow analogous and decided to hold this exhibit,” Zare told Honaronline.

“We were discussing the fact that humans are trying to define themselves with luxurious objects. In these paintings, humans are more like stone statues without any trace of vein or blood under the skin. In fact, they have become decorative themselves.”

About her works, Sabaghpour said: “I realized how people try to create exotic images of themselves by donning special glasses, large headphones…I painted the dogs with such accessories to give them counterfeit characters.”

Jaleh Art Gallery is located at No. 3, Noshahr Alley, Iranshahr Street, Karim Khan Avenue.

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