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Déjà Vu Photos

Déjà Vu PhotosDéjà Vu Photos

Déjà vu is the name of latest solo exhibit by photographer Arash Akbari Saneh, underway at Golab Cafe Gallery in Tehran.

Freelance photographer Akbari Saneh, 35, is showing a selection of his photos taken in the past 10 years, according to Art Galleries (

His featured photos have previously appeared in artistic magazines, competitions, solo and group exhibitions.

A note on the exhibit says: “A question pops in the mind of the audience: Has this scene taken place before? It is a strange feeling, something between dream and reality, a place where one senses a sort of affinity with the scene, but at the same time feels alienated.

“Scenes of life repeat and we keep living our routine life. We often miss what happens around us, later to be vaguely reminded of them by a hint called déjà vu. We then ask ourselves: Has this scene taken place before?”

The exhibition is open all days except Mondays. It opened September 15 and will run through October 12. Visiting hours are 11 am to 11 pm.

Golab Cafe Gallery is located at Resaneh Cultural Center near Qoba Square, Shahrzad Blvd, Darrous neighborhood.

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