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Morteza Ahmadi No More

Morteza Ahmadi No MoreMorteza Ahmadi No More

Veteran actor Morteza Ahmadi who was suffering from aging-related ailments during the past several months passed away at his home in Tehran on Sunday (Dec. 21).

Ahmadi is known for nearly five decades of memorable performances. In addition to being one of the most successful figures in Iranian cinema and TV, he was famous for his dubbing career. He was also known for his rendition of different songs.

Among his memorable dubbing works are the Japanese animation series ‘Pinocchio’ in which he gave his voice to the character of the cunning fox, and the new Iranian animated series ‘Shekarestan’ (Sugarland) where he was the narrator, IRNA reported.

His performance in the TV series ‘Ziba Barbershop’ will always be remembered by the public as well as all the Tehrani folk songs he sang including the one in Ali Hatami’s ‘Hassan Kachal’ (Bald Hassan).

An actor, dubber, and singer, Ahmadi was born in 1924 in Tehran. The 90-year-old acted in more than 40 movies and 40 TV series. He also compiled four books on folklore culture of Tehran.