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Islamic Teachings in Spanish Primary Schools

Islamic Teachings in Spanish Primary SchoolsIslamic Teachings in Spanish Primary Schools

A program in Islamic teachings will be offered to Muslim students in state and private primary schools of Spain from the next academic year, the Spanish state news agency, EFE reported quoting the country’s ministry of education.

The Spanish education ministry reiterated on Friday that “the choice of the text books and educational props, as well as supervision over such courses will be up to the religious authorities.”

The Spanish Islamic Commission reacting to the ministry’s decision said the Islamic courses will greatly contribute to the development of the children’s language learning skills. “The programs in Arabic and Spanish will add a greater value to education.”

Islamic teachings will strengthen the students’ beliefs on holding dialogues, cooperation and group work and “accepting responsibilities and respecting each other’s belief.”

The decision is in line with comprehending faith in God and its root-taking in the children’s souls, cognition of the Qur’an, getting acquainted with Islamic rituals and participation in them, such as daily prayers, alms-giving, fasting, Hajj pilgrimage and other religious ceremonies, getting acquainted with the life style of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), recitation and memorizing of Qur’anic verses and their contemplation.