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Round-the-World in Paintings

Round-the-World in PaintingsRound-the-World in Paintings

Iranian artist Ali-Akbar Sadeghi is to showcase illustrations recounting his journeys to different parts of the world at Arasbaran Culture House in Tehran.

His art exhibition in a new style on stained glass, is titled ‘Travelling with Ali-Akbar Sadeghi’, MNA reported.

“Whenever I go on a journey, I make sure to have paper and pencil at hand to draw the places I visit in my free time,” he said. A total of 17 works from the adventures of his travels are set to be displayed on Dec. 26.

Sadeghi’s black and white along with colored drawings are a surrealist depiction of his encounters with various places in the north of Iran, Dubai, London, New York, Vancouver, and other cities. His art works have sold for $5,000 a piece.

 Special Style

Ali-Akbar Sadeghi was born in 1937 in Tehran and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. He initiated a special style in Persian painting in 1959, influenced by Coffee House painting, iconography, and traditional Iranian portrait painting, following the Qajar tradition – a mixture of a kind of surrealism, influenced by the art of stained glass. For years he has worked in various fields of art including animation, promotional graphics, box-making, and book cover illustrations.

Aside from illustration, he has published a few books for the Institute of Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), and has made a few successful films by using his special style in painting. Films produced by Sadeghi have won more than 15 awards at international film festivals. Also his book illustrations have won four international awards.

In total, he has participated in over 25 individual and group exhibitions; over 7 volumes of books of the collection of his works have been published, and he has been a member of jury panels in over 10 biennial exhibitions.