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Homage to Shahriyar Is Tribute to Literature

Homage to Shahriyar  Is Tribute to LiteratureHomage to Shahriyar  Is Tribute to Literature

September 18 has been named as the ‘Day of Persian poetry and literature’ as it is the death anniversary of the legendary Iranian poet Shahriar.

Shahriyar’s poems are alive and enlivening, said a member of the board for International Congress on ‘People’s Culture in the Poetry of Shahriar’.

Mostafa Qolizadeh said Shahriyar’s sincere and profound sentiments are depicted in his mystic, humorous, social, romantic, and religious poems.

The poetry of Seyed Mohammad-Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi whose pen-name was Shahriar, is still alive and prevailing as 70 years since his famous poem praising Imam Ali (A.S.), it is being recited in mosques, literature workshops, universities and other forums and each time it seems more vivid. This is the main element in the great poet’s Farsi folk poems, ISNA reported.


The possibility of individual interpretation of his poems by any person of any age group reflects the comprehensiveness of his poetry. Shahriar is not bound to borders and countries. His ‘Heydar Baba’ has received accolades, Qolizadeh added. “Paying homage to Shahriar is paying tributes to responsible literature.”

Shahriar (1906-1988) has seen the three eras of Qajars, Pahlavi, and Islamic Republic. A more profound look into his poetry reveals his objection to injustice and narrow-mindedness. He was a gigantic figure indeed who supported his people at critical times such as the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war when he reinforced the morale of Iranian soldiers through his poems.

The congress on Shahriar would focus on the humane aspect of the poet so as to encourage young poets to follow his footsteps and be the poets of their time.