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New Wave of Movies Hit Cinemas

New Wave of Movies Hit CinemasNew Wave of Movies Hit Cinemas

One week to the fall and four new movies have been released in cinemas in the hope of following the path of profit taken by most of this year’s movie releases. Two comedies and two dramas will see their first week, starting on Wednesday.

 Hit Potential

Tahmineh Milani’s sequel to her 2006 hit movie ‘Cease Fire 2’ is one of the most promising films, expected to be a huge box-office similar to its predecessor. Starring Bahram Radan and Mitra Hajjar in leading roles, the movie is centered on a young couple with a child, challenged with family issues. Like its first version, the movie is packed with funny dialogues and humorous scenes. Milani’s films have usually been successful.

 Big Expectation

‘Hard Make-up’ is Hamid Nematollah’s third movie starring Hamed Behdad and Tannaz Tabatabaei. The previous two movies Nematollah made were warmly received by both audience and critics. His debut film ‘Boutique’ (2003) was a drama in which Iran’s superstar Mohamadreza Golzar gave one of his best performances. His second movie ‘Impecuniousness’ was released in 2008 with Leila Hatami and Bahram Radan. A well-made comedy, the film regaled the public as well as movie reviewers. Nematollah uses his own scripts for his films. Now after five years, his fans eagerly expect to see his new work, expected to be among this year’s best sellers.

 Second Comedy

Fereydoun Jeyrani also comes back with a comedy ‘The Somnolent’. Jeyrani has been involved in cinema for a long time as director, scriptwriter, producer, and cinematographer. This is his second comedy after ‘Pink’ made in 2002. The movie benefits from a well-known cast including Akbar Abdi, Farhad Aslani, Shaghayegh Farahani, Saber Abar, and Sareh Bayat. For the third time during his professional career, the talented actor Akbar Abdi has appeared in a woman’s role in the film.

 Daring Debut

The first film by Tina Pakravan, ‘The Lady’ is the last in the list to be screened. As an assistant director, Pakravan had experienced working with renowned filmmakers such as Bahram Beizai, Masoud Kimiai, Fereydoun Jeyrani, etc. The movie, premiered in last year’s edition of Fajr Film Festival, tells the story of three women’s lives and their problems. Amin Hayai, Shaghayegh Farahani, Andisheh Fuladvand, Siamak Ansari, Ashkan Khatibi, and Behzad Farahani are among the actors.

So far since the beginning of the Iranian year (started March 21), cinemas hosted six blockbusters is summer, and four in spring. The overall 30 movies screened this year grossed $10 million, an awesome figure, unprecedented even in annual incomes earned by local cinemas prior to this.