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National Soccer Team 1st in Asia

National Soccer Team 1st in AsiaNational Soccer Team 1st in Asia

In the latest ranking of men’s national soccer teams, Iran is best in Asia and ranks 51st in the world, five positions up from its previous standing.

According to the latest ranking published by the international governing body of soccer, FIFA, Iran’s tally of points has hit 580, placing it in the 51st position.

The recent victory over South Korea in a friendly in Tehran improved the team’s position from 56th in the November ranking, Varzesh3 website reported.

The top five teams of the world include Germany with 1725 points, Argentina (1538), Colombia (1450), Belgium (1417) and the Netherlands (1374) in descending order.

In Asia, Japan follows Iran with 563 points and occupies the 54th position in the FIFA ranking. South Korea is in the 69th place with 481 points.