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Xmas Charity Concert at Azadi Tower

Xmas Charity Concert at Azadi TowerXmas Charity Concert at Azadi Tower

On the occasion of Christmas (Dec. 25) the Iranian music band Klavier will hold performances on January 1-2, 2015 to raise funds for disadvantaged children taken care of by the charity organization Yavari Sabz or Green Help.

The band directed by Azadeh Hadad, guitar player, will perform at Tehran’s Azadi Tower Hall, presenting Iranian traditional and folklore music, IRNA reported.

Alireza Shirinfard, an industrious composer of the band will also render songs at the event.

“Ethnic accents, lighting, and theatre performances along with music will be the interesting parts of the event,” Shrinfard said.

Majid Mostafai, Mohamadreza Salimian, Ali Tafazali, Ali Derakhshan, Ali Abasi, and Shams Aziz are part of the music band.