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History of Revolution in ‘Children of the Sun’

History of Revolution in ‘Children of the Sun’History of Revolution in ‘Children of the Sun’

‘Children of the Sun’ is an animated series that recounts the history of the decade following and preceding the Islamic Revolution.

Ali Ahmadi, who co-directed the series, said the animation would be popular among children and adults alike. “The first season has been aired on state television; the characters are familiar to the children of today as well as those of the past; they reflect some dimensions of the personality of the audience,” Ahmadi added. “The characters are common people we see frequently in society, and even we are part of the cast by such traits.”

Eshraq Cultural Institute has cooperated in the production. “The sheer speed of cooperation was surprising, as all participants were professionals; there was exemplary coordination among different sections involved in the animation series,” MNA quoted Ahmadi as saying.

The animation recounts the story of the Islamic Revolution; the main theme is taken from real incidents and historical events of the 1970s and after; the animated nature “entails generic and dramatic peculiarities well suited to the audience,” the director asserted. The story extends to include the Sacred Defense and Iranian students’ successes in international scientific Olympiads and robotics events, he added.

Ahmadi co-directed the series with Masoud Hamze’ei and in close collaboration with Saba Animation Center and the Revayat Foundation. It is aired on television’s Channel Two.