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Payvar’s Compositions in New Album ‘Dardasht’

Payvar’s Compositions in New Album ‘Dardasht’Payvar’s Compositions in New Album ‘Dardasht’

A number of santur compositions by the late composer Faramarz Payvar (1933-2009) have been published in an album titled ‘Dardasht.’

‘Dardasht’ includes four pieces Payvar, the late santur virtuoso, performed in radio programs and private events. ILNA reported.

The music notations of the pieces are written by musician and santur player Ramtin Nazarijou who has been studying the works of the late master for a long time. Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art in Tehran has released the album.

According to Nazarijou, the pieces in the album are typical examples of Payvar’s approach in improvisation. “Some criteria can be discerned in the improvisations … While staying within a specific framework he has performed one motif in various forms, expanding it differently each time.”

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