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Hammered Portraits

Hammered Portraits
Hammered Portraits

Self-taught artist Kaveh Yari has hammered his way into creating his latest exhibit at Sohrab Art Gallery in Tehran.

Yari has shaped iron and copper into portraits and symbolic motifs, reminiscent of Bronze Age art, Gallery Info reported. Primitive portraits, staring at the observer, constitute a major part of the exhibit.

About Yari’s works, celebrated actor Reza Kianian once wrote: “His embossed works take one back to mythical times when mankind was just starting to reconstruct his imaginations with whatever was in reach.

The embossed designs do not follow the predominant aesthetic trends. They are unique and innovative. Metals, particularly copper, are Kaveh’s canvas.”

Titled ‘Hammer & Painting,’ the exhibition opened on September 1 and will run through September 13. Visiting hours are 11 am to 8 pm.

Sohrab Art Gallery is located at No. 142, Somayeh Street, between Qarani and Mofateh avenues.

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