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‘Hashtag’ Criticizing Online Info Trends

The exhibit poses this question: Why should we insist on being seen at any cost?
Views of the exhibitViews of the exhibit

Photographer Babak Haqi, 35, has curated ‘Hashtag,’ a group conceptual art exhibition at Dena Art Gallery in Tehran.

‘Hashtag’ is a criticism of online networks. It is a multidisciplinary exhibition including video arts, photographs and installation arts. “On display are the outcomes of a 6-month project,” Ourway Magazine ( quoted Haqi as saying.

The works revolve around the hashtags seen on social networks, which allow users to easily find messages with a specific theme or content.  “As a tag used on social networks, hashtag directs one to a source of information.  The info is supposed to be about the word(s) selected as hashtag; but there are many people who misguide others by the attractive hashtags which are in fact irrelevant to the particular contents and images,” Haqi said.

Such misleading hashtags, he said, can help some impertinent posts and contents be observed by a large mass of internet users. The current exhibit poses this question: “Why should we insist on being seen at any cost?”

‘Hashtag’ opened August 25 and will run through September 4. Haqi’s own works are included in the exhibit. Other participating artists are Iman Iran Nejad, Sepehr Zand, Marzieh Shad, Fereshteh Shadi, Amir Shalmani, Farhad Qashqai, Mahsa Karimi, Ata Mohammadi, Mohammad Mastandehi and Arash Mirmohammadi.

The event also looks at why some hashtags become famous in a short time. It ventures into posted contents behind ‘special’ hashtags. “The arrangement of the exhibit is such that it lets visitors contemplate each artwork. It does not seek to sell its showcase -- many of the works cannot be sold,” he added.

Dena Art Gallery is located at No. 4, Sousan Alley, Qarani Street, north of Taleqani Avenue. The gallery is open all days except Saturdays. Visiting hours are 4 to 8 pm.

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