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Health Film Festival at Charsou Cineplex

Sharing information, providing direct and indirect training, promoting healthy lifestyles and restraining social harm should be considered as important subjects for new films
Inside Charsou CineplexInside Charsou Cineplex

The second Health Film Festival is underway at Charsou Cineplex in downtown Tehran and will conclude on Saturday.

The festival seeks to pave the way for promoting works in the field of healthcare which is a common concern of the masses, Azad News Agency (ANA) reported.

According to the statement by festival secretary Ebrahim Darughezadeh, maintaining, promoting and achieving higher healthcare levels is a significant factor in all societies.

He says the festival aims at enhancing interaction between the country’s cinema/TV community, as two inclusive media, and health activists to produce accurate, precise and scientific works.

Minister of Health Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi in a message to the festival said cinema has managed to sustain its role as an instrument for conveying messages and (to some extent) training people.

“The Health Film Festival seeks to play a direct and indirect role in the cinema industry and help safeguard the society’s health through the medium of cinema,” he said.

“Sharing information, providing direct and indirect training, promoting healthy lifestyle and avoiding social harm can be considered as serious subjects for producing new films. It can be said with certainty that a film industry committed to folk art will also facilitate the health system in the county,” the minister said.

The second edition of the festival is the outcome of collective efforts of artists, members of the policymaking council, organizers and administrators of the health sector.

Winners of different sections including short films, documentaries, trailers, TV series, TV shows and news will be awarded at the closing ceremony.

The first round of the event, which was launched last August, was welcomed by artists, the public, NGOs and those involved in the health sector.


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