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Iranology Foundation Opens in Zagros Region

Iranology Foundation Opens in Zagros RegionIranology Foundation Opens in Zagros Region

Iranology Foundation of Zagros region was inaugurated in Nahavand, western province of Hamedan, in a ceremony attended by the deputy head of the foundation for international affairs Qodratollah Alizadeh.

The foundation seeks to introduce Iran’s culture to other countries and nations, he said.

Alizadeh noted that there are over 700 Iranology centers and institutes across the world, particularly in Western universities.

“India, with 148 centers and the US with 88 centers, accounts for the highest number of Iranology institutes in which Iranian civilization, culture and customs are introduced,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

In addition to Iranology institutes, the International Society for Iranian Studies has 1,000 members from various nations. We are duty-bound to support international institutes and societies.

Currently, there are over 200 ancient monuments in Nahavand, of which 100 have been registered on the National Heritage List. Nahavand is located 105 km to the south of Lorestan province.