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Street Performers Will Play to Test Talent

At the end of each day in the preliminary competition held August 19 to 21, a winning band will emerge. The final clash of the street performers will be on August 30
A street band in TehranA street band in Tehran

Diamond Café in Tehran is to host street music bands in a festival where they will compete in front of the audience.

Titled ‘Sedaye Piadero’ (Sound of Sidewalk), the festival is the first of its series. It is being organized by, a music news website.

Sound of Sidewalk will be conducted in two phases. First is the preliminary competition slated for August 19-21 starting at 3 pm through 5 pm.

On the first day, the street bands Septa, Hich, Rivar, Bondahesh and Gypsy Jazz will appear on a makeshift stage in the middle of the café. They will be surrounded by audiences sitting all around.

August 20, the second day is for the competition between the ensembles Hufer, 95, Azad, Rising Stars and Parenthesis.

And the final day is dedicated to rivalry between Asopas ha, Gamas, Raz, Omid and ‘On the Ground.’

At the end of each day, a winning band will emerge. The final clash of the street performers will be on August 30, from 3-5 pm.

Tickets to the event are available at the website of Sazoghalam. Diamond Café is located on Fallahpour Street, Nejatollahi Street, Enqelab Avenue.

Performing music on the street happens everywhere in the world; however, it has become popular in Tehran and other big cities in the country in recent years.

Instrumentalists and groups perform in the streets to introduce their work and style to the public while others make a living by playing music.

Whatever the reason, their lively performances of classic and memorable melodies of both Persian and foreign music as well as new songs and also their own productions, have certainly a relaxing influence, even for some moments, on the people who, busy with their mundane routine, anxiously rush in the city.

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