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Tehran Art Exhibitions (August 17-21)

Tehran Art Exhibitions (August 17-21)Tehran Art Exhibitions (August 17-21)

Painter Erases Lies

Arte Gallery in Tehran is playing host to a solo painting exhibition on the subject of 'persona,' the concept of social face or mask introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961).

Titled 'Persona-Lies,' the exhibition opened August 11 and will run through August 20. It features a collection of expressionist paintings by Mehrazin Rezai.

According to a review by Tiwall (, the expressionism in Rezai's works is in fact the lack of expression in the portrayed faces. The mute, lonely portraits stare blankly at visitors. They cannot convey a feeling. They cannot play roles. This is Rezai's way of removing the persona and neutralizing any means of deception.

Arte Gallery is located at No. 3, Second Alley, Golestan Street, Alikhani Blvd., Kurdistan Highway. Visiting hours are 4 to 8 pm.

Detailed Graphic Arts August 17-18

Inverse Art School in Tehran will hold an exhibition of 'detailed' promotional posters and graphic arts.

Slated for August 17-18, the exhibition is the outcome of a long-term course conducted at Inverse School of Computer Graphic and Digital Arts, according to Roozrang magazine of visual art (

During the course 'Design of Detailed Advertisements,' students were encouraged to avoid simple, plain designs and create advertisements with complex details.

The exhibition is held at the previous premises of Inverse Art School located at No. 20, Sayeh Street, Africa Blvd. Visiting hours are 4 to 8 pm.

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