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Rahmanpour to Sing at Art Center

Rahmanpour to Sing at Art Center Rahmanpour to Sing at Art Center

Celebrated Lurish composer, singer, songwriter and author Iraj Rahmanpour, 60, will perform a concert on August 25 in Tehran.

Andisheh Auditorium at Hoze-Honari (Art Center) of the Islamic Propagation Organization will play host to Rahmanpour, 60, and the accompanying ensemble of ‘Hanay,’ both coming to the capital from the province of Lorestan.

The concert features a number of neo-folkloric pieces, sung in two dialects of Luri and Lak spoken by two major ethnic groups in Lorestan, Lur and Lak, according to Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA News).

Repertoire of the concert includes some of Rahmanpour’s golden oldies along with a number of his new compositions.

His singing style is unique. Through his life, he has searched for lost and forgotten songs and ancient rhymes. Those he finds he revives in his songs.

The concert starts at 9 pm. Andisheh Auditorium is located at the intersection of Hafez and Somayeh streets.

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