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‘Roman Princess’ Portrays Imam Mahdi’s Mother

‘Roman Princess’ Portrays Imam Mahdi’s Mother‘Roman Princess’ Portrays Imam Mahdi’s Mother

‘Roman Princess’, the name of a 3D animation directed by Hadi Mohamadian centers on the life of Imam Mahdi’s mother (AS), Narjis Khatoon (SA).

According to historians and scholars, Imam Mahdi’s mother, Narjis, was a Byzantine princess. The animation shows the trip this great lady took to Arabia to marry Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS), Imam Mahdi’s father.

“The quality of ‘Roman Princess’ is far ahead of other animations in Iran,” its producer Hamed Jafari says. “The animation has been made with less than $ 300,000 in less than 8 months, which is a record in the industry,” MNA quoted him as saying.

The 75-minute animation is going through its final stages to be prepared for screening in the Fajr Film Festival due in February 2015.

A Lebanese company is to dub the animation into Arabic and distribute it in Lebanon and other Middle-Eastern countries.

Animation industry in Iran has improved in recent years. Last year the first 3D feature animation, ‘Tehran 1500’, was screened in Iran, ranking among the top 10 best selling movies of the year. In fact, the success of that animation paved the ground for other producers to invest further in this field. As a result, ‘Roman Princess’ was produced by the private sector and is expected to have a profitable box office.