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Al-e-Ahmad’s House to Become Museum

Al-e-Ahmad’s House to Become MuseumAl-e-Ahmad’s House to Become Museum

The residence of prominent Iranian writer Jalal Al-e-Ahmad will be made the ‘Iranian House of Literature,’ a close relative has said.

Jalal Al-e-Ahmad’s nephew Mohammad-Hossein Danaeifar has also announced the construction of Jalal technical college of agriculture and Jalal school of mountain climbing by two of his heirs in Taleghan.

The second meeting on ‘Jalal and Shams; two different intellectuals’ was held at the Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies on Monday on the occasion of Shams Al-e-Ahmad’s (Jalal’s brother) death anniversary, MNA reported.

Danaeifar pointed to the projects carried out by Jalal’s heirs and said, “Publishing Al-e-Ahmad’s newly-found writings are under way and we want to form a Board of Trustees with the cooperation of his family to decide over his published and unpublished works.”

While noting that the opening of Jalal and Simin Museum is underway, Danaeifar said the museum founded at the house of the couple will be named ‘Iranian House of Literature’.

Jalal Al-e-Ahmad is one of the most famous contemporary authors in Iran who published many novels, short stories, critical essays, and travelogues. He is mostly known in Iran for his novels ‘The School Principal’ and ‘Westoxification’ which have been translated into English as well.