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Persian Epic Tale and Folk Music at Kazakh Expo

Persian Epic Tale and  Folk Music at Kazakh ExpoPersian Epic Tale and  Folk Music at Kazakh Expo

Iran is present at the Expo 2017 Astana, the Kazakh capital, with diverse cultural programs.

Arvand Free Zone Performing Troupe from Iran will present a performance by two giant puppets at the expo.

In collaboration with the French company Les Grandes Personnes, the puppets have been created in Iran and will perform a tale from the ‘Shahnameh’ (Book of Kings), Persian classic epic written by the 10th century celebrated Iranian poet Ferdowsi, Honaronline reported.

The huge puppets represent two mythical characters namely Rostam, the hero of Shahnameh and Div-e Sepid (white demon).

In Shahnameh, Div-e Sepid is the chieftain of the Divs (demons) of Mazandaran. He is a huge being who possesses great physical strength and is skilled in sorcery and necromancy. However, the demon is slayed by Rostam who takes the Div’s head as a helmet and is often pictured wearing it.

Explaining the selection of the performance for the event, Hamidreza Ardalan, director of the Iranian branch of the International Union of Puppets (UNIMA), said, “at such events where various cultures attend, it is an opportunity to introduce and promote a country’s cultural traits. I believe the major characters in Shahnameh can always play a role in this regard.”

The giant puppets are five to six meters tall and when moving among the ordinary people, “they will certainly attract attention,” Ardalan said. “It is a musical show, performed in a short time, which invites viewers to participate. The puppets, operated with an interesting technique, display mythological concepts (of Iran)”.

Established in 1998 in Paris, Les Grandes Personnes is a street theater group which transcends the gap between craftsmanship, visual and performing arts.

 Folk Music

On Iran national day, August 4, Rastak folk music group will perform musical pieces from various regions of Iran.

Siamak Sepehri is the leader and tar player in the band which includes Iranian instruments such as oud, setar, tanbur, daf, dayereh, doneli, ney, sorna, qanun, dohol, tombak, gheychak and kamancheh.

Founded in 1997 in Tehran, the popular music group  focuses on collecting, safeguarding and interpreting musical heritage from different regions of Iran.

The virtuosity of the performers and the variety of instruments bring together a joyful blend of rhythms and melodies.

The band has taken its energetic brand of folk music to some of the world’s leading venues including London’s Barbican. Rastak tours in recent years have included Australia, Europe, and Canada.

This year, the Kazakh expo theme is “Future Energy”, and concentrates on the future of energy and on innovative and practical energy solutions.

Over 115 countries are participating in the current edition of the Kazakh expo, June 10-September 10.

 Iran Pavilion

Iran’s pavilion at the expo is in the Asian countries’ section with an area of 505 square meters. The pavilion is divided into three sections.

In ‘Iran: the Past and the Present’ section, by virtue of touch-screens, information is presented on the past and future of Iran.

The touch-screens show pictures of water consumption in the past (underground culverts, desert gardens), creative usage of wind energy (wind towers and wind mills), use of biomass energy and smart use of solar energy.

In the section ‘Yesterday and Today of Iran’, the vast geography of Iran is shown from north to south with its climate and various natural aspects.

In ‘the Future’ section, information on the energy future of Iran and its potentials (natural resources and investment potential) is presented.

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